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Testimonials from FRO Members

FRO members enjoy a walk in beautiful scenery at FRO's 20th Anniversary Picnic at the Pine Valley Ranch in 2008 "The FRO groups have added immense value to my life in two ways. The first and most obvious has been to increase my knowledge and understanding of Objectivism through purposeful reading and discussion of Objectivist works. The second is through community. A commitment to reason as one's only source of knowledge places one in the smallest of minorities. The FRO groups have been a method for me to find other rational people and satisfy my desire for positive, engaging social interaction not available elsewhere. I find it profoundly relaxing to be amongst a group of people explicitly dedicated to the practice of Objectivism." — Mike Janis, Financial Analyst "FRO helps me know that there are a few great people out there fighting for rational principles grounded in reality and care for that radiant freedom which should be commonplace but isn't. It is important to have hope that the fight for principled action as a norm can be won and they help me reaffirm that not all of the people in our society are cannibals and savages. These are the people worth more than gold that our society needs in order to uphold justice, individual rights and create a productive future. These are the "new intellectuals", the movers and shakers, the forgers of a not to distant objectivist culture on this earth." — Paul Lemke, Design Engineer "When I came to Colorado I felt an immediate sense of community with FRO. It is the most dedicated and best-organized Objectivist community group I've found in the country. It is, above all, an invaluable resource for the regular, interactive study of Objectivism--even for someone who's been already studying Objectivism for 15 years." — Ben B., philosophy professor.

About FRO's Supper Talks

Click here for more information on FRO's Supper Talks. "FROST provides a delightful evening out: dinner, socializing with people who I have something in common with, and interesting talks that relate to my life and interests. What could be better than that?" — Hannah Krening, Pianist and Teacher "FROST Supper Talks always leave me energized. I'm eager to explore the new ideas I've just heard -- and to apply them to my life. I'm impressed by the consistent quality of the lectures, as well as the thoughtfulness and benevolence of these prominent Objectivist intellectuals. FROST Supper Talks are the kind of events that most admirers of Ayn Rand's philosophy can only dream of!" — Diana Hsieh, Ph.D Philosophy, NoodleFood "We in the Denver area are fortunate that such talented public intellectuals visit our area to share their latest ideas and research. I have found the FROST talks to be stimulating, relevant to my own life, and a great time to catch up with friends and meet new ones." — Ari Armstrong, editor of Free Colorado

About FRO's Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups

Click here for more information on FRO's Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups. "Reading Atlas Shrugged with the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group greatly broadened my appreciation for this novel, especially for the depth and complexity of the charcters. Even though I'm usually pretty tired by the end of the day, I really looked forward to the meetings. The discussions were insightful and lively, and everyone was respectful towards each other's perspectives." — Tom Hall "I first read Atlas Shrugged in 1977, and like many people today, I thought it was time to re-read it considering the current political climate. I'm sure I would have appreciated it in a fresh new way if I had read it on my own, but the experience was by far better because of being in the reading group. Our discussions brought up so many ideas that I might have missed, and allowed me to appreciate the book on a new level which is very relevant to a successful fight for the renewal of freedom in this country. I came home refreshed each time!" — Hannah Krening, Larkspur Pianist and Teacher "Over the last fifteen years, I've read Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's epic novel of ideas, about five times. Much to my surprise, reading it with FRO's Atlas Shrugged Reading Group (Golden, 2009) was a wholly new -- and wonderful -- experience for me. The discussions helped me understand the characters, events, and ideas of the novel more deeply than ever before -- and I loved it! In many ways, I felt as if I was reading the novel for the first time. And now I'll be better able to apply Ayn Rand's ideals in pursuing my own goals for my life." — Diana Hsieh, Ph.D Philosophy, NoodleFood "I had read Atlas Shrugged before -- or at least I thought I had. But I learned so much more about the novel's ideas and literary themes through the reading group that it was almost as though I was reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time. Those who say Ayn Rand's ideas and literature lack sophistication simply have not read Atlas Shrugged, not really. Moreover, the novel offers rich moral and political themes, and reading it during this "interesting" period of our nation's history shed light both on the novel and on the culture in which we live." — Ari Armstrong, editor of Free Colorado "As a long time admirer of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, having read the book several times, I found that participating in the reading group increased my admiration and understanding even further. The lively discussions revealed aspects of the book that I would not have discovered on my own." — Anders Ingemarson, Denver "I got such a value from attending the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group. Not only did I pick up a lot from re-reading the book, but having others to discuss the book with added so much more to my understanding of Rand's philosophy. If anyone is interested in better understanding Atlas Shrugged and the philosophy of Objectivism, I highly recommend joining an Atlas Shrugged Reading Group. It's definitely worth it!" — Ann Williams, Mediator

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