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FRO Objectivism Study Groups

FRO hosts four separate "FROG" groups for the study of Objectivism: 1FROG, 2FROG, 3FROG, and 4FROG. The primary goal of these groups is to help members to understand the principles of Objectivism more clearly and deeply, so that they can better apply them in their own lives.

The various FROGs differ from one another in various ways, depending on the preferences of the members. Mostly, they meet once per month. Some groups meet at a member's home, while others meet in a local bookstore. About 10 to 14 people attend each meeting.

In the meeting, members discuss some Objectivist writing assigned the month before, usually two or three essays from an anthology by Ayn Rand. In recent years, FROGs have read and discussed The Voice of Reason, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, Philosophy: Who Needs It, The Virtue of Selfishness, Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics, The Fountainhead, The Romantic Manifesto, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal and more. The discussion for each essay is guided and managed by a rotating volunteer, also chosen at the prior meeting. Meetings tend to last two to three hours, often with a break for snacks and chat in the middle.  
  • 1FROG meets on the fourth Saturday evening each month from 6:30 - 10 pm and is for advanced students of Objectivism (10 or more years of study). 1FROG is managed by Betty Evans. For questions and comments, please contact her at
  • 2FROG meets on the 4th Sunday each month from 1 PM to 4:30 PM. 2FROG is managed by David Weatherell in the North Denver Metro area. For questions or comments, please contact him at
  • 3FROG meets on the second Saturday of each month from 2 - 5 pm in the South/East Denver Metro area.  3FROG is managed by Lisa Carnahan.  For questions or comments, please contact her at
  • 4FROG meets on the third Monday of each month from 7 - 9 pm in the North Denver Metro area. 4FROG is managed by David Weatherell. For questions and comments, please contact him at

Standards of Membership

1FROG members at a meeting at Howard Roerig's and Susan Mashaw's cabin in Nighthawk
FROG members differ in the depth of their understanding of Objectivism, but all are committed to understanding and applying the philosophy in their own lives. FROG meetings aim for constructive and friendly discussion -- not acrimonious debate. So the principles of Objectivism serve as the implicit and explicit background of the discussions at FROG meetings. So we might discuss the proper applications of property rights or the fallacies of anarchism, but we do not debate whether property rights exist or whether government is necessary. Or we might discuss the extent of animal consciousness, but we do not debate whether consciousness is a myth or whether animals have rights. In short, we are happy to discuss -- but not debate -- any topic relevant to Objectivism. In essence, FROG welcomes friendly people who agree with the main tenets of Objectivism and wish to study it further. FROG is not an appropriate forum for people unfamiliar with or opposed to its principles. People who prove disruptive to the aims of FROG will be removed from the group by the FROG Leader. To learn more about how to maximize the value of discussions, please see these three articles from the The Objectivist Club Network:

Standards of Conduct

All FROG members are expected to contribute to the smooth running of the group and its meetings. To that end:
  • FROG members are expected to attend meetings regularly. Occasional absences are unavoidable, but merely occasional attendance disrupts the flow of meetings.
  • FROG members and guests should read (or re-read) the assigned reading in the month before the meeting. It should be fresh in the mind.
  • FROG members should help keep the discussion on-track, meaning focused on the topic at hand. People should not disrupt the meeting with side-conversations.
  • FROG members should periodically volunteer to act as discussion leaders. They should also volunteer to host meetings at their home, if appropriate.
In addition, FROG members should act in a friendly -- or at least civil -- way toward each other. In case of any serious conflict, the people should attempt to resolve the problem between themselves, preferably by meeting in-person. If further help is required, then they should discuss the conflict with their FROG Leader.

How to Join FROG

To maintain the high value of FROG meetings, the FROG groups are selective about their members. To join, you must first speak to the group leader, then attend as a guest for a few meetings. After that, if approved by existing members, you will be invited to join. However, before you attempt to join FROG, you are strongly encouraged to attend FRO's talks or social events to meet current members thereof. Introduce yourself; tell people that you're interested in joining FROG and discuss your interest in studying Objectivism. If you're interested in joining FROG, be sure to join FRO's Announcement E-mail List to receive announcements of major FRO news and events, including openings in FROGs.

Join FRO's E-mail Announcement List to receive announcements of major FRO news and events (hosted on Google Groups).